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Oral Care Tips For Older Adults.

When you grow older you start developing oral problems that you once didn't have. It's important to remember that keeping your teeth in good condition as you age might require some special attention. Below are some oral care tips to help you!

1) Increase oral hydration: Ask your doctor if you can substitute your medication for one that doesn't produce dry mouth. If this isn't possible, try to drink plenty of water, chew a sugar-free gum, and avoid alcohol, which tends to dehydrate your body.

2) Avoid tobacco: Tobacco in any form has been linked to an increased risk of mouth and throat cancer, not to mention heart disease and other serious conditions. Chewing tobacco can even lead to more decay, as many tobacco formulations contain sugar.

3) Use an antibacterial mouthwash: When used with brushing and flossing, an antibacterial wash can reduce the buildup of plaque.

4) Increase fluoridation: Switch to a fluoride toothpaste or incorporate a fluoride rinse into your daily routine.

Making sure your oral health stays in tip top shape isn't easy, but we can help! It is important to see a dental care professional regularly, as he can provide even more oral care tips. So don't skip your check-ups.

Dr. Richard Guess

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