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Oral Cancer Screening

Get an Oral Cancer Screening

Every year, tens of thousands of people are diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer, and it causes more than 8,000 deaths annually. This is an extremely serious disease, and the sooner you catch it, the faster you’ll be able to receive the necessary treatment.

Modern technology and oral cancer screening methods have made it easier than ever before to catch the symptoms early, and at Maplewood Laser Dental Clinic we are committed to your total well being so we’ll use our skills and experience to build a plan for your lasting health.

Signs and Symptoms

Unfortunately, it’s really easy for many of the common signs and symptoms of oral cancer to go unnoticed in its early stages. You may not experience any pain or notice any obvious physical changes.

Our job is to keep an eye out for things like tissue changes or even the start of cancer while it’s in its earliest stages. There might be a small white or red patch, a little ulcer, or some other kind of lump or unexplained mass inside the mouth or neck that could require further attention.

Our screening process will help us determine whether or not these symptoms are just benign changes that happen naturally in the mouth, or if we need to perform a laser biopsy to determine a course of action.

Effective Early Detection

Oral cancer can be a life-threatening disease, which is why early detection is so critical. We are here to do everything we can to ensure your overall health improvement, and that starts with an accurate diagnosis of potential problems.

Since it can be hard to notice the symptoms on your own, it’s important to work with a dentist who knows what to look for and can spot the early warning signs in enough time to start treating the problem.

Contact us today to set up your next appointment. If you are concerned about the potential risks, we’ll walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you have.