PlaySafe Sports Mouthguards

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Laboratory-made mouthguards are prescribed for both professional and amateur athletes because they offer the highest level of protection during athletic activity. When worn properly, they can prevent dental trauma, such as fractured teeth.

PlaySafe Sports Mouthguards provide superior fit and retention compared to boil-and-bite mouthguards. These mouthguards can be customized with stickers and team logos, and are available in a variety of colors to fit the personality of every star athlete in your family!

Night Guards

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Constant grinding and clenching wears down the enamel on teeth, which leaves them susceptible to cracks and decay.

This damage is irreversible and often necessitates dental restorations later on. Otherwise known as bruxism, clenching and grinding can lead to chronic headaches and TMJ pain. Dr. Guess takes a preventative approach and will prescribe a maxillary night guard for people with nocturnal bruxism. These guards are made from an acrylic material that is hard on the outside with a softer inside to provide more comfort during wear. Proper and consistent use of a custom night guard will protect and extend the longevity of your teeth.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

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Get a Restful Night’s Sleep with a Sleep Apnea Treatment

Patients have several treatment options for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, but a simple solution is the TAP3, an therapeutic dental appliance which holds the lower jaw in a forward position during sleep to reduce snoring and improve breathing. Compared to a CPAP, patients report the TAP3 to be easier to use, clean, and travel with. Patients who are unable to effectively wear a CPAP may be a good candidate for the TAP because it is not as restrictive. Individual efficacy should be tested with a sleep study.