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We are so proud of our lasers that we added it to our name many years ago!

"Technological advancements in Laser Dentistry allows us to better care for our patients by treating concerns and halting progression of oral pathologies. "

Richard C. Guess, DDS

Maplewood Laser Dental Clinic is home to 4 different types of lasers.

We use lasers for precision in treatment, effectiveness in healing, efficiency in appointment times, and much more. Dr. Guess remains dedicated to the advancement of his practice by keeping up to date with dental technologies which provide comfort and the most effective treatments for our patients. 

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DEKA CO2 Laser:

The DEKA CO2 laser consists of concentrated light which precisely cuts through oral tissues with minimal bleeding and discomfort. Use of this laser accelerates recovery time and reduces postoperative bleeding, infection, and complications. Dr. Guess uses the CO2 laser in lip/tongue tie treatments, dental restorations, excisional biopsies, and desensitization treatments.

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Diode Laser:

Our hygienist uses the Diode laser to aid in treatment of periodontal disease & cold sores/fever blisters. These lasers exhibit bactericidal and antiviral capabilities by removing the unhealthy, top layer of tissue. This promotes healing and regeneration of gingiva.

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TRIOS & iTERO Intraoral Laser Scanners:

Our digital scanners offer efficiency, precision, and ease of appointments for our patients. We use these scanners to capture digital impressions for crowns, dentures, nightguards, Invisalign®, and more. Use of intraoral scanners reduces the need for adjustments or the need for old school goopy impressions in many cases.